What we do

 To meet the demands and the needs for tomorrow we try to solve the problem today.

The core of what we are doing is to look at the needs and demands in the industry, and then to create and develop solutions that solve these issues.Therefore, we have developed a LED fixture, the RLX-series, in close connection with partners in the industry. The outcome is a floodlight that provides long-lasting and powerful light of high quality, handles vibrations and shocks, minimizes light pollution and reduces power consumption up to 80%.

We deliver turn-key solutions in regard to our customer´s needs and in line with legislation, and our products can be adapted to both new- and existing vessels.The product is highly adjustable and can be delivered with 8 different beam options.

By quality we mean the system´s ability to last long in hazardous weather conditions in a maritime perspective, and furthermore, the high quality of the light will increase safety for the employees.

By using Luminell AS and the RLX series, we can guarantee a brighter environment for you and your employees.