Floodlight for extreme maritime environments















RLX floodlight installation on DOF B771, now sold to the Australian Navy.


   Luminell LED Floodlight for extreme maritime environment    Floodlights on Leinebjørn

RLX D Series on Maersk Frontier                                      Frontmast Leinebjørn


Floodlight on Crane Westcon Yard
Floodlights by Luminell at Westcon Yards


Luminell floodlight for martime environment on Olympic Hera














RLX floodlight under water on aft deck, Olympic Hera.


LED Floodlight for offshore














Bourbon Topaz in Sandssjoen. RLX series LED floodlights lighting up the deck.


LED Flood light mouning














Purse seiner with floodlight installation from Luminell.