Other Vessels

Luminell's products are also solving problems onboard other vessels and istallations such as boats, ferries, merchant vessels ect.

"There are no better lights than these"

- Steinar Molnes, Tide OS (ferry)


Ferries need good illumination of car deck to ensure safety onboard whenFloodlight LED for ferries
it is dark. Typical problems are damage due to vibrations, and by using
the RLX series this problem is solved.

Typical application:

  • Car deck
  • Bow door
  • Rescue stations



Wellboats operating in all weather conditions have need of excellent
illumination in order to handle alive fish in the best possible way.

Typical problems:Powerful LED Floodlight for wellboats

  • Poor light quality
  • Not sufficient illumination on the ship sides
  • Mainentance due to shocks and vibrations

Typical application:

  • Bow light
  • Lights along ship side



The RLX series also solve light problems on lashing bridges, top of wheelhouse and deck light on several merchant vessels, bulk carriers and tankers.


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