Offshore Installations

Onboard offshore installations, safety is priority number one. Therefore, illumination is crucial as it has a large impact on working environments and the day rythm of the crew.

"All feedback has been very positive, and of course we see that this is the future!"
- Electrician, Transocean rig
"It lights fantastic, good white light"
- Electro/Automation Leader, Transocean rig


Typical problems on offshore installations:

  • Blackouts due to voltage drops
  • Maintenance on difficult accesible spots
  • Poor light quality

The RLX series is designed to solve these problems in an excellent way.


Typical application:

  • Cranes
  • Deck illumination
  • Illumination on lifeboat and MOB boat stations
  • Flame tower
  • General floodlight illumination


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