The SLX™ Searchlight module is created to push limits and maximize the potential in LED technology and optical performance.


The 1,75mCd light performance outperforms a traditional 500W halogen by far, and can also replace up to 2.000W halogen searchlights and detect objects on distances up to 2.600 meters. It is available as SLX C and SLX D with different combinations of beam angles. Please find more information in the datasheet here.  A traditional searchlight module can easily be replaced with the SLX™ module by using the replacement kits. Please find our SLX™ video here. 


The SLX™ modules are available with short lead times, affordable prices and will lift the benefits of your searchlight significantly during the dark hours. A "must have" onboard a wide range of vessels! 


Luminell gives a 5 year full warranty on the SLX™ modules, and we are confident you will be satisfied with the light output and maintenance-free design. If you by any chance are not, we will take it in return.


If interested, please don't hesitate to contact us at in regards of the SLX™ module.



Luminell SLX Searchlight