Finally, the time has come to launch our RLX Cx floodlight for Zone1! Over the past years, it has been done an incredible job in developing the RLX Cx and the PSU for it. The overall objective is improve light conditions and simplify installation work by serving our customers and end users with an excellent Zone 1 product in the RLX family.


Luminell RLX Cx - launch


The RLX Cx is crafted to be appreciated from installation to end user, with a large focus on size, light performance, EMC compatibility, temperature range, lifetime, no maintenance and easy installation. Some examples; Standard temperature range is -55° C to +55° C. Compliance with the strict EMC standard MIL-STD461F CE102 RE102 - Navy Mobile & Army. Total weight under 10 kg. Lifetime up to 180.000 hours.


The RLX Cx series, is available in 40W, 80W, 120W and 160W, with Temperature classes T3, T4, T5 and T6.


Luminell RLX Cx - floodlight for zone 1


"I am proud of the final result and the team who has done a tremendous job in making this cutting edge product becoming a reality. Because we seek to provide customers with durable and appreciated light solutions." says David Fink, founder and R&D Director in Luminell.


We can't wait to start shipping RLX Cx from aug./sept. 2017, and we look very much forward to receiving your inquiries!


Looking forward hearing from you