NEW product!

SLX - premium LED searchlight module for retrofit conventional modules


Luminell SLX Searchlight Loran

Conventional handmanouvered searchlight modules have a tendency to need much maintenance, and to have limited light performance. Luminell has done something about this!


The SLX searchlight module is designed to push limits in LED technology and optical performance, and to replace conventional searchlight modules in order to encrease light performance and reduce maintenance. One SLX searchlight module will enable you to detect an object on a distance up to 2.600 meters.


Asbjørn Thomassen onboard RS-138 (Search and rescue Vessel) has the following to say about their SLX modules:

« This is a perfect light for us! Regarding light beam, power and range there is nothing to complain about! The light always works and it get alot of beating in rough Northern-Sea at our small vessel traveling at 30 knots. »


In order to replace conventional light modules on hand manouvered searchlights, the SLX series can be delivered with bracket kits for easy retrofitting.


The SLX modules are ready for shipment from march/april 2017.


We look forward to continue serving our customers with critical light solutions for demanding use!