We are very happy and proud to welcome Jon André Teigen as our new Supply Chain & Quality Director.


"It is with great enthusiasm I join the Luminell team as Supply Chain & Quality Director. I am truly impressed by how they, within a few years, have built a well driven organization and introduced excellent products to the market.

Based on my competence and long experience in Stokke AS I do hope to positively contribute to the continued successful of Luminell." says Jon André.


Jon André has worked apx 15 years in Stokke, a company that we look up to in many ways. He started in the R&D department in Stokke, advancing to R&D leader, and has until recently had the role as Manufacturing and Maintenance Director. This experience combined with his personality, team/leadership skills and technical education will fit very well with Luminells culture and need.


We look forward having him onboard from the beginning of June.



Jon Andre Teigen at Luminell