We want to announce that we have a new Managing Director in Luminell AS. Petter Veiberg was appointed this position from the 1st of March 2016. Our Founder and previous Managing Director David Fink will now focus on R&D work and our company identity. 

New Managing Director Luminell AS - Petter Veiberg
Petter Veiberg and David Fink, new and previous Managing Directors.


A personal message from David Fink, our Founder and previous Managing Director:

The Luminell story began 7 years ago, when we realized that our product concept responded to a need which now, with the right design, could be met with LED technology. The RLX series was born: “One sealed unit made to last!”, and it would help people to solve a known challenge.

I will never forget the day when Petter Veiberg and I went to deliver our first 5 RLX LED floodlights on an Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel (AHTS). The crew could not believe that these small RLX units would make any difference on such a relative large deck area. Especially that it would not solve the poor illumination on the very aft main deck. Even though we had some resistance, we insisted to go forward with our plan (I must admit we were nervous, because we had not even seen it ourselves before…). When the evening came, we were all excited and to our relief the solution exceeded all expectations. The most skeptical crew now became the most excited and enthusiastic and the aft maindeck became crisp and clear. The change were even so significant that one of the crew members cried out loud: “Now I can see in 3D!!” From now on he really saw all the details and contrasts he needed.  We are very proud to know that these five RLX floodlights still function as predicted even after more than 5 years on board this vessel in these rough conditions.

This story, among many others, keeps us going. We are still as passionate in helping people solving visibility challenges in extreme or demanding applications. Because (we believe) light matters!

Now we are looking forward and understand that in order to help even more people, we need to scale up and become better in many areas. One important area to target has been the Luminell management team. I have been the Managing Director from the beginning, but I need to focus even more on R&D and overall business development. At the same time Luminell needs to increase in both capacity and efficiency and I would not be the right person for this job. Petter Veiberg is a skilled leader and has detailed insight into the core of Luminell. Therefore he was trusted to be the new Managing Director from the 1st of March 2016.

In addition to being R&D Director and part of the management team, I will be responsible for the Luminell identity, including brand and team culture. Ole Jacob Hanken is doing a significant work in professionalizing our sales work and will continue working as Sales Director. In addition he will continue on the management team and also has the role as Assistant Managing Director. I am personally very excited about this change and know that this is the best for Luminell.

Last year Luminell was awarded The Gazelle Price for 2015 in Møre & Romsdal, our county. We are very thankful to all our business partners who has worked with us in both small and bigger scale, because without you we would not have come this far.

We look forward to work together with you and to solve even more visibility challenges in the future!


Best Regards

David Fink

Founder, R&D Director