Light is important! Seminar about "Marine Lighting - New technology" Wednesday 9th of September 10 - 14. The seminar is a part of the making of the publication for Marine Lighting, and is very relevant for both technical and HSEQ personell. More info here:


Light is important, and every human being relates to light. Light effects our lives in many ways, also at work. It effects our awareness, productivity and mood. Thousands of people have their working place onboard ships and vessels, where challenging and demanding tasks are performed, even at night. Unfortunately there is not very much defining what is good light conditions in these work environments.


Luminell has since the start been working for as good light conditions as possible onboard ships and vessels. A part of this work, is that we now are involved in the making of the publication "Marine Lighting". The purpose of this publication is to give recommendations for good lighting in marine environments. The work is organized by Lyskultur / Norsk Lysteknisk Komité (NLK), with participants from the marine industry.


As a part of this work, there will be arranged a seminar Wednesday 9th of September 10 - 14 . The heading of the seminar is "Marine Lighting - New technology", and subjects relating both to technical and HSEQ issues will be discussed.



We are looking forward meeting you at the seminar! Welcome!