Luminell Downloads  Press release

Luminell have now extended the product solution to include a full LED navigation light package!

”I am glad that we now also can offer a full LED navigation light system that makes us able to address more of the issues related to critical lighting in demanding maritime & offshore environments. We have a strong focus that the product and service we offer to our customers shall have benefits and create value all the way from simple installations to a long lifetime with performance that increases safety, efficiency and profitability. Together with Lopolight I am confident that we can deliver the products and knowledge that makes this a very competitive solution!”
- Ole Jacob Hanken, Head of Sales in Luminell

This is a proven solution - as the system is manufactured by Lopolight from Denmark, that has among the longest experience with LED navigation lights in the market and has been doing this since the early 2000s. The nav light solution is made from the ground up, to be maintenance free in the roughest and most corrosive environments. The nav lights are all built to withstand submersion to IP68, some of the lights even down to 200 meter / 650 feet below sea surface so they will certainly stay watertight in any location onboard the vessel.

The Lopolight LED navigation light package is available with a complete control- and monitoring system, covering all types of commercial vessels from tugboats, navy and up to the largest offshore vessels. The system conforms to international rules and regulations, COLREG, IMO MSC253 and type approved to EN 14744 including IEC 60945. All products has the Wheelmark. 

”The team at Luminell impressed us from the very first meeting, with their single-minded focus on delivering very high quality light solutions for rough environments and strong ambitions to bring these out to the world. We found that we had found the ideal partner to market our Professional series Navigation lights on a worldwide scale. The fact that the products and the companies complement each other in a unique way says to me that this will become a strong and long lasting partnership, which we at Lopolight are looking forward to!”
-          Jan Moeller, Managing director in Lopolight

Main benefits: 
·          Up to 100 000 operating hours
·         IP 68
·         Main- & backup systems in one housing
·         Automatic de-icing
·         Automatic switch to emergency light/power
·         Integration to integrated bridge systems
·         System to run on 24 VDC, 115 VAC, 230 VAC and more (available with single or dual power supplies)
·         60-90 % more energy efficient than traditional & competing LED with heating (also when de-ice is active)
·         5 years warranty

Furthermore, we can also offer an extensive range of specialized NAVY and SAR navigation lights and controls. These series are NVG-friendly and include dimming functions.   






Additional information, please contact:
Luminell, Head of Sales, Ole Jacob Hanken: +47 479 10 500
Lopolight, Managing Director, Jan Moeller: +45 246 27 638