2014 is coming to an end and The Luminell team is excited about the year that has been and the opportunities that lays ahead!

We are happy to say that literally hundreads of vessels, rigs, cranes and other type of installations are experiencing maintenancefree daylight 24/7 all around the globe due to the great joint efforts of many. Main players in marine, offshore, rig & fishing industry has choosen a Luminell solution, and we therefore have a proven trackrecord across all climates and seas. Thank you to all customers & partners that trust us to work with you. We believe in creating value together.

Our main focus is still to solve light issues for demanding applications in the Oil & Gas industry.
You are welcome to contact us to share your frustrations or potentials that opens up for a possible new product or product features. We respect highly the feedback from field professionals!

In 2014 we have developed the new SLX series LED searchlight Unit.  It is by size the most powerful LED spot/searchlight unit in the market for marine & offshore use available in 24VDC & 100-300VAC versions. It is delivered as  fixed units or integrated on Colorlights excellent remote controlled unlimited movement platform.
Even the smallest unit in the SLX series with its 6kg (13lb) and 150W power gives moonlight on 2-3km range.

Our Atex Explosion proof led floodlights is now also available for delivery with a fixed & moulded BFOU/RFOU cable that reduces number of inspection points on difficult to reach locations. This has already become popular among our Rig customers. More exciting news to come in our EX portifolio in 2015. Stay tuned.

By this update we wish you a delightful Christmas Holiday!


The Luminell Team