Lux Switch/Photocell Sensor

Lux Switch unit for tough marine environments.

Great to use in combo with the Luminell RLX floodlight
series to optimize power reduction.

Adjustable sensitivity and output delay. 



Protection Guard

RLX LED Floodlight

Protection guard in stainless steel is available as an accessory
for all RLX series floodlight.  

The protection guard makes the RLX Series floodlights even more able to withstand though impacts.

Good for floodlights used in any area where there is a chance for impacts
that could harm the fixture.

E.g. cranes, areas of cargo handling, winches…

The Protection guard make the light 35mm (1,4 inch) deeper. 



Damper solution for
RLX LED floodlights

-Constant vertical light angel on moving parts.
  (Adjustable angel)

-Brackett developed by Luminell in stainless steel 316.

-Damper/cylinder up to 70kg load. Higher if needed.

-Mounting bracket for 1-2 floodlights are standard.

-Fits all Luminell’s floodlights

-Special solutions can be developed on demand.

-Optimized solution regarding beam angel.


Example of Use

-Rail crane, Tower crane, Jackup crane,
  Heavy lifting crane, Crawler crane

-Crane for OSV, oilriggs, drilling ships, port crane

-wire light, camera light


Reference projects

Westcon Yard, Oelensvaag, Norway

Rolls Royce Marine, Aalesund, Norway