The OSV vessels are dependent on good illumination in order to execute tasks in a safe and efficient manner. Much of the work take place during nighttime, it is therefore crucial to have a working light that is optimal for the day rythm of the body.

Typical problems for OSV vessels:

  • Not sufficient illumination on long distances, especially mid and aft part of deck
  • Maintenance due to shocks and vibrations
  • Poor light quality for deck work and camera use
  • Blackouts due to voltage drops, for example during startup of pumps

To meet your needs the RLX series is made to spesifically solve these problems and we have received excellent feedback.


"The RLX series is excellent. Fantastic, fantastic - absolutely fantastic. The crew feel more alert and awake, and they find the light very comfortable to work in" 

- Ove Kåre Remøy, Captain, Havila Mercury

"Better view of aft deck with RLX series LED floodlights and much better contrasts"

- Robert Chiewers, Crane Operator, Transocean Leader

 See below for typical applications on OSV vessels:


  • Rail Cranes
  • Winch hangar and spooling device
  • ROV hangar
  • Deck illumination from top of wheelhouse
  • Rescue zones


  • Deck illumination from top of wheelhouse and superstructure
  • Rails
  • Mooring stations
  • Mob boat landing area 
  • Rescue Zones


  • Cranes
  • ROV hangar
  • Deck
  • Along ship side
  • Rescue zones


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