Control Systems

Our Searchlight platforms can be controlled in a way that fits your daily operations. Below is a list of the main options available today. If any question just come back to us.



As standard all our searchlights comes together with a remote control panel, the OP. The control panel is as standard equipped with a progressive joystick for the positioning of the light as well as a control display for settings and configurations. The display also has a graphical presentation as well as numeric values where you aim the light for the moment. You can add optional control programs for the OP – automatic sweeping, fixed position, surveillance mode or even a synchronized control mode. The synchronization mode is used in a network setup and enables the possibility to have more than one unit following a master searchlight.



A network setup makes sense in case you have more than one searchlight or more than one control panel to your searchlight onboard. Our control network is based in Ethernet standard. Just add an Ethernet switch and connect all electronic control boxes and operator panel to it – the system will automatically detect and recognize all items. You can easily name the searchlights to STB, PS or any other logic.  The synchronization control make a lot of sense in case of network setup – with this optional control program you can control all your lights in a synchronized mode from one single OP. Increase the light intensity and range as well as simplify the operation on the bridge. Up to 16 units in the same network is possible.



In case you need to be mobile on deck or on any other remote location our wireless radio control might come in handy. The dimensioning of the radio antenna and the position of it makes long distance control without cabling easier. The small and easy to carry handcontrol has the most basic control functions.


Integrated control

Full integration to your own system – ECDIS, CMS, Protection Shield, Anti Piracy, VTS or One Man Bridge solutions –. We provide you with our Interface Description how to give the correct commandos for control. A solution like this makes it possible for more advanced slew to cue, target tracking and other ideas you might have.