Colorlight CLIR

Luminell Colorlight CLIR

Colorlight is not the first in the market to add a thermal imager to a searchlight platform - but we dare to say that the solution that had world premiere at NORSHIPPING 2013 is the most robust and good looking one. The module can be integrated on any of our searchlight models - CL20, CL25 and CL35. It is not available for retrofitting.
Modern vessels have today cameras for different purposes, mainly to increase efficiency and safety onboard but of course for many other special purposes. For marine vessels there are combinations of fixed mounted and movable units (pan&tilt). The market in general offers everything from very low end up to very high end advanced systems.
The basic idea with the solution from ColorLight is to use the existing platform for light onboard to also carry a camera - to increase the utilization of the equipment but also to save space on the bridge roof and the bridge itself. In the end it will of course also reduce the total cost of ownership. The camera is placed in the center of the unit which make it possible to carry both visible light, invisible UV-light and a camera together in the same unit. The control of the camera is integrated in the exisiting operator panel and is easliy accessable when operating in CAM-mode. You can easily control and operate the lights AND the camera individually at the same time due to the control system setup.
SAR - MOB - Night navigation - Mooring - Ship Security - Deck View - Bridgewing view - Aft/side/forward view is some of the basic applications onboard.
Working through the design concept with an industrial designer from the Swedish engineering company SEMCON we used the existing expressions from our searchlight platform - functionality, robustness, marine look, friendly, professional and based on these we set the key expression for the new CLIR to be:
- Not aggressive and threatening BUT active seeking
- Not protruding and vounerable BUT compact and powerful
We believe we have been very successful meeting these expressions. We think you will agree with us.
The technical platform, also developed together with SEMCON, has a thermal imager from the most well known commercial brand in the market, the mechanical construction is mainly built with standard components and the control is integrated into the existing electrical and software platforms. The imager is very well protected inside a housing made of acid proof stainless steel and the outlook window is made of a material that is transparent to the infrared radiation.

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